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Hanging out with your friends and doing fun stuff is a perfect combination. That’s why clubs and groups – paired with imaginative activities – are the best places for kids to learn. In fact, 4-Hers have been learning by doing things together for over 100 years.
Riley County 4-H is a youth program that offers leadership, citizenship and hands-on learning experiences to members age 7-19 years old.
4-H is organized as a club model. When you join a 4-H club, you’re stepping into a place where youth run the show. Groups of youth get together monthly at a community location to make activities happen. Youth fill leadership positions in the club and make decisions about what they would like to do. Clubs organize fun outings, as well as plan projects to help the community.
Riley County is home to 12 clubs that meet in various communities across the county. The clubs range in size from 10 members to about 50 members. Parents assist with club work by serving as volunteers and teaching an interest area to youth members.
Part of the fun in 4-H is having the power to choose activities that interest you. Collect rocks or bugs, learn to paint ceramics, raise rabbits for show or even learn how to help others. If we don’t have what interests you, just dream something up and we’ll help you create a plan to learn about it.
We call these activities “projects” – and we have more than 30 to choose from. When you join 4-H, you will meet throughout the year with kids from your club and kids in your projects to learn different skills, go on field trips, or just explore possibilities. You’ll even have a chance to show or talk about your projects in front of others at places like the county fair or project shows.
Enrollment in 4-H is free. Members are accepted throughout the year, and can join anytime between the ages of 7 and 18. You can choose your level of participation – as much or as little time as you have. Visit the How to Join section to learn more about joining Riley County 4-H. 
4-H Community Clubs in Riley County
Ashland Boosters -  Ashland School
Bonfire - Green Valley School
CiCo Shamrocks - Pottorf Hall
College Hill - Pottorf Hall
Freedom Seekers - Pottorf Hall
Leonardville Hustlers - Leonardville Methodist Church
Pillsbury - Deep Creek School
Randolph Ramblers - Randolph VFW
Riley Rascals - Fairview Church Annex
Strong-Satellites - Pottorf Hall
Wildcat - Keats Methodist Church

Riley County 4-H also offers three club experiences that focus on a specific interest area. These clubs are referred to as project clubs. Project club meeting times vary depending upon the project area.

Kennel Club – Pottorf Hall; Focus is on Dog Showmanship, Obedience & Agility
Shooting Sports – Location varies depending upon discipline
Riley County Rabbit Club – Pottorf Hall; Focus is on Rabbits